Monday, May 30, 2011

Social Butterfly

Is it possible to be too Social in the world of social networking, I mean most people are connected through sort of social networking but I wonder is it overkill. I myself have Facebook, A Fanpage on Facebook, Twitter, A Blog, A website (that I am still working on), Pintrest (Recently Added) and a shop on Etsy. This seems like too much for my brain to handle sometimes. Trying to update and keep everything interesting is making me spin. I am putting this topic out there because I know I am not alone.
Everyday I get on the computer destined to find a way to attract more traffic to any one the pages listed but I couldn't help but wonder if it seems desperate. "Look at my Fan page", 'Check out my Blog", "Visit my Etsy". Seriously, is it really this serious! I may just opt out and get a store front! I am not even posting any links cause I just feel by now you should have them somewhere! I think I am my biggest fan. You get so obsessed with checking "comments" and "likes" that you loose yourself. I started this business for the love of everything creative and that simply means I would love for you to enjoy items I enjoy creating, I don't want to loose site of this and become a Social Networking Robot but this is a lot of work.

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