Sunday, May 22, 2011

Designing Party Packages

I was reading over some of my previous post and it's always good to see where you were and where you are headed. Back in January I was determined to find my place in the Printable Party world. I had seen so many creative ways to decorate parties with these printables and wanted to take part. I researched and researched, invested in a cricut and cartridges, found so many awesome blogs or web pages with either tutorials or products and now I can say I have experienced this part of the event planning world. I think I almost forgot that I went to school to make cakes! Graphic Design will always have a special place in my heart and I think I started making the cakes because I felt like I could not afford to keep up with purchasing computer programs and all the other goodies to get you on top of your game in designing. Needless to say Photoshop is stll good to me and even though we were apart for awhile, we have since reunited and it feels damn good. I have desinged so many different party elements that I am now in the beginning stages of creating a line of DIY kits. I figure if Party City has so many generic party supplies that all look alike, why wouldn't someone want a generic party that has not been seen anywhere else in their neighborhood (unless designed by me). Now when I speak of generic, I don't mean no name brand, big white box with black letters, I am simply speaking of party design packages that you can pick up for anyone's party, Nothing is personalized and it can fit whatever occasion you use it for. So check out some of my creations in my Etsy Shop as I try my hands in the printable party world.
Spa Party Water Bottle Labels
Silhouette Mom Cupcake Topper/ Tag
Wii Home Screen Inspired Invitation
Party Banner Invitation

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