Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Phenomenal Affair

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending my first Cotillion. This event was held at Fiesta Banquets and sponsored by Sabrina Ayala Sadler and the Phenomenal Women. Sabrina the Founder of Phenomenal Women is doing a wonderful job teaching children Charm and Etiquette. This event was something like a fairy tale. I watched and took part in converting the Banquet Room turn into an Enchanted Evening fit for a Prince and a Princess. I also assisted the children with changing into their clothing for the different sets of the program. The children were awesome as they performed their well rehearsed parts in the evenings affair. They Danced, Read Poetry, Preformed a Fashion Show and received their Right of Passage. Parents held their heads high this evening as they watched their children grown and mature right before their eyes. The highlight of the evening for me was the Father/Daughter Waltz. I was in awe as I watched Proud Papas lead their leading ladies around the dance floor so gracefully. They looked so comfortable in their White Ballroom Gowns and Tiaras. Almost like it was second nature. Sabrina is not only the Founder of this amazing organization but she is also the Author of the book 'Phenomenal Woman, When Did You Loose Your Power". This book speaks of real life topics that women deal with while in a relationship. I had the pleasure of participating in another event with Sabrina at the Phenomenal Women Expo earlier this month. It was my first expo as a vendor and it was an awesome experience. I am looking forward to taking part in more events held by Sabrina and The Phenomenal Women. Her vision is clear and her dreams are supported by all who know her. If I wore a hat, I would have to take it off to you Sabrina! You truly are a Phenomenal Woman.
Fiesta Banquet Hall (Beginning Stages)

Sabrina's Book Cover

Books available for Purchase

In Order from Left to Right, Mother Nicole, Daughter Misata and Father Michael


Arent They Gorgeous

Brenda and Sabrina

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