Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New 365

Most of us wait for the New Year to start things fresh. Maybe it's to diet, or exercise, quit a bad habit, or just take things in your life a little more serious. Well if you're like me, you have made no empty promises of any of the above and you are just choosing to live! I have made way too many resolutions only to break them a month or 2 later. Life is to be lived and enjoyed, yes I would love to say I am going to x, y, and a little of z but the truth is I am happy with me and all my faults. It's whats makes me, me! So I will only try and make a better me one day at a time, or one month at a time without all the extra effort to do things outside of my character. I read a post today that basically said "that you are perfect as you are. God doesn't create faulty life. No. Everything created by God is perfect, and so are you. So stop driving yourself mad with endless ways to improve, and just accept the glory of your being as is." So in a nutshell, I am who God wants me to be and where I am in life is where he wants me. As long as I keep him top priority, I will see what needs to be changed and will have been given the tools to change it. Have a Happy new Year Everyone and Be Easy on Yourself in 2011.


Jane and Lou said...

Hi Miranda, happy new year to you too, Jane:)

Miranda said...

Same to you Jane! :) Thanks for adding my blog!

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