Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back To The Drawing Board

As I explore this event planning business I am finding out a lot about myself and this field. There are many successful planners out here as I am finding out in my new home at the Children's Party Network. If you are starting out in this business, here is where you need to be. Everyone so far has been so helpful and thoughtful to the fact that I am still in my novice stage of planning. I titled this post "Back To The Drawing Board" because of my background in graphic design taking a profound place in my business. Everywhere you turn someone is designing printable artwork to make it easier for the not so savvy event planner seem like they are on top of their game. Well I wanted to know where I fit in with designing printable graphics and I am nowhere as knowledgeable as I thought. I have been searching for tutorials and asking everyone I can how to get on board with this new party hit. So I will be back at the drawing board and possibly looking to take a class or hitting my other favorite place the library trying to understand this. I want to be in this business with little to no contracted work out. I would like to be able to provide all services for my clients but this will take a lot of time to get all these skills perfected. Wish me Luck and Thanks again for reading!

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