Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dessert Tables

Very First Baby Shower Dessert Table
I have been looking to start decorating tables as my signature approach to event planning, this will give me a chance to put all my favs in one location. I enjoy baking but I also enjoy decorating and making things look pretty. During my research I have found so many people who decorate such beautiful table displays, so I am super excited to get some creative juices flowing. I first had the pleasure of decorating a table back in August of 2010 for a friends sister's baby shower. I really enjoyed seeing the end results come together and make such an impression. I will never forget how the guest of honor felt about every item on that table! So I will be concetrating on building my portfolio of dessert tables and trying build on becoming not only a planner but also a vendor. Wish me luck! As always thanks for reading.

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