Sunday, August 15, 2010

So the baby shower plans went well, Dessert table looked fabulous! I had a lot of help from my family and I am so proud of everyone's effort and decorating abilties. In total we produced 4 dozen cupcakes, lollipops, chocolate covered marshmallows and preztels and cake balls! Also 80 favors that were placed at each table setting, 4 glass centerpieces with lifesaver pacifiers and a diaper cake! We put alot of work into preparing for this shower and I was happy to see the guest of honor in awe! A super huge thank you to Sophia for allowing me the opportunity to decorate and prepare so many yummy desserts!


Anonymous said... did go well but it wasn't a piece of cake. That was work....but well worth it in the end...What's next?

Lindsay Melanson said...

Hi! What is that beautiful crystal tree branch in the center of the table called? It is gorgeous and would be perfect for the shower I am doing. Thanks :) Where did you get it?

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