Saturday, August 7, 2010

Center of Attention

Remember I told you I took a trip to the Christmas Tree Shop last week? Well I decided to turn these regular glass vases I purchased into table centerpieces for the Baby Shower I am decorating next week. This idea can come in handy for many reasons and occasions. You can fill them with color coordinating candy, or other items like iridescent shred, marbles, or whatever your theme calls for. I was actually thinking of packaging this idea as a gift as well. Simply add baby themed items inside, wrap in cellophane, add a pretty ribbon and gift tag and its ready to go! Try adding the baby's name with rhinestones for a more personable gift. You can use this idea on many types of material other than glass, it can also be added to the theme of the baby's room for items that hold things like q-tips or cotton balls. The ideas are endless. By the way I am still learning how to showcase the items that I make as you can see with my home made photo studio!

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