Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Build A Bear

I am taking my daughter to a Build A Bear party this Saturday and I, I mean she is very excited! I was asked to make individual cupcakes for the children invited, along with goody bags! Oh yea! I like planning kids parties, they seem less intimidating than adults, but they're really not! If a child is not happy, you will know. Adults on the other hand will try and be polite about it! Anyways I had a sketch all worked out and I am finding the items I planned to use are not as available as I wished. I sometimes wished I could open my own store and sell all the things my neighborhood overlooks! Some of us want to be different and not have the same items at our parties that the last 100 customers just purchased! So now that I am planning around my original plans, I am hoping to stay on schedule. Looking forward to the challenge and my fingers are crossed.

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