Thursday, June 30, 2011

Starting A Business with Bad Credit

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Is it possible to start a business with Bad Credit? Many small business owners will ask this question and it will often keep them from venturing out. We all know that starting any business requires lots of money, but what do you do when you have little to no cash on hand and cannot qualify for a loan from a bank. Well to all of you racking your brain and sitting on the sideline with an idea and a dream, fear no more because there are options. With a little research and of course a few changes in your spending habits, you can get assistance to turn your dreams into a reality. As a New York resident, Mayor Bloomberg has put in place many programs and people willing to assist you while trying to start a small business. In fact He encourages minorities and women entrepreneurs to become small business owners. Visit to find a location in your borough and get started. Now back to the question at hand, is it possible to start a business with Bad Credit? I researched this not only for you but for myself! My credit could sure use some repairing. I am not at the bottom of the credit barrel, but lenders are not knocking down my door trying to give me credit either. So this information is just as vital to me. I used the City of New York as my reference because they are encouraging minorities to become business owners so I wanted to know if they provide such services. I was told that credit can be worked on. Larger Banks like Citibank and Chase usually do not want to deal with new businesses because of the risk but there are lenders available to you and myself that will work with you with your current credit score. (I strongly suggest you go through the agency to prevent any other problems and possible fraud.) They not only help you improve your rating but they extend you a secured credit line. If your credit is a number less than 550, then you are allowed to have a cosigner. Isn't that a breath of fresh air! WOW! So I am telling you that no matter where you are in life, if you have a dream there are ways to make it reality and best of all you can do it for free.

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