Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Lips Are Sealed!

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I am a firm believer in What ever God has given you, no one can take away. I am surrounded by so many ideas in the party world and I have to often wonder, where did this idea originate! Party ideas are recycling fast! No one has an original idea anymore, everybody's ideas are stemming from someone else's and the same goes for them. I had a nice conversation with a young lady and her family in Michael's yesterday and it sparked this topic. We were both in the cake supply aisle and while looking for similar items we began small talk about the business. We later discovered that we had similar likes and dreams about where we wanted our business to end up. We exchanged information and resources about the business and who has what products and the whole time I am talking I felt no reason to hold back information and be spiteful. I felt no reason to slight her on the resources I found useful. We are all in this business together and you never know where you may see people again or even need people. My business is my business and her business is hers. If I am able to help someone get to a higher level in reaching their goals, I personally have no problem with that. I don't feel like I am selling myself short! Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be used or taken for a joke but I just feel strongly about where I am, I am here because I am supposed to be here and even if you surpass me with my own advice, well then it's just not my time to move forward yet! But you can believe when it is my time, I will shine! Besides just because I want to be an Event Planner does not mean that this is where God wants me to be. People are my inspiration and motivation and I will always feel this way. I remember when someone took 10 minutes to get me a step ahead so why not return the favor. I enjoy what I do. I am constantly discovering new things about myself and I have grown so much since I decided to start this business, so what do I have to feel slighted about! So if we happen to cross paths either in the social network world, or in person and I can help with some advice or just an inspiring word to get you motivated, It's all love! I can only hope that God will continue to surround me with genuine people who have the same love and passion for this business as I do and are kind hearted. Everything and Everybody else is out of my control!


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A Lil Something To Remember said...

I absolutely Admire this POst Miranda & Love your outlook I feel the same way But sometimes we get caught up and think different but if we use what GOD gave to us its a True Blessings and that is leave no man or woman behind ...


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