Thursday, September 2, 2010

Momma said there be days like this...........

OMG, Today I am feeling hopeless and clueless! Sometimes I find when you are passionate about something your adrenaline is always pumping! You're Ready! Excited! Then it slows down and you begin to feel like is this for me! Why have I invested so much time in something that's not promised to me or at least promised to be successful! I am good for being a cheerleader for everyone else but when I have these moments when I creatively crippled, mind is on stand by or the idea was already executed, I too need a support system! I am a faithful believer in whatever is worth having is worth fighting and waiting for, but sometimes I just wish I had it already. This is just me being a frustrated artist in need of some creative energy! I love what I do, I love when I am trusted to provide services for people how proud I feel of myself and my work, but there are days when I question my ability to be a successful business owner! I know this feeling will pass but I needed to get it out! At the end of the day it's all a piece of cake, or is it? Thanks for listening!

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